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Mick Foley’s R.P.M. #1
Published on Friday, November 19, 2010 by

Published by: 12-Gauge Comics
Written by: Mick Foley & Shane Riches
Art by: Jose Holder
Colored by: Michael Wiggam
Editor: Keven Gardner
Cover: Brian Stelfreeze

Is it Revere Windsor or Windsor Revere? I think his last name is Windsor and his first is Revere. Not that it matters, just an odd bit that isn’t fully explained.

Revere, a direct descendant of Paul Revere, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and hyper-kinetic depth peception. It allowed him to become a football star at Boston College. It also made the game too easy and he got caught betting on it.

Now he owns a garage and makes some extra money being a courier. He works for the Feds and for others.

I don’t know how depth perception can help you get to a counter faster. Too many variables beyond angles and speed. Depth perception can’t tell you how many coffees an old lady is going to order.

Anyways, besides making the depth perception a bit beyond what it should do, the story is pretty good. Fast, non-stop. Enough characterization to flesh out the characters, even the secondary ones, and enough action to keep it all moving at a fast pace.

It’s an entertaining read. Suspense, intrigue and a bit of a mystery. Revere is an interesting character. At first glance he seems fairly basic, but there’s a bit more deeper to him. He’s a thrill-chaser, a risk taker, and with his abilities it makes sense. Life would be pretty boring if you knew all the angles.

The “job” he takes on seems like there’s more going on then what has been revealed. And the ending tends to lean that way as well. Riches and Foley have crafted a pretty good book here. Be interesting to see where it goes.

Holder’s art definately has a Stelfreeze feel to it, which isn’t that surprising since Stelfreeze is the art director for 12 Gauge. It’s not as good as Stelfreezes, the lines aren’t as tight and sharp as Stelfreeze. Holder’s layouts are interesting, the angles he chooses, helping to spotlight how Revere’s abilities work. His figures are a little ugly though, as well as a bit messy in the faces. They all seem to have extra weight on their faces, making them appear fatter then they are.

R.P.M. #1 receives
4 out of 5

Fun and fast paced ride.

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