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Creator’s Edge Press’ Cauliflower for Al Jordan
Published on Saturday, November 20, 2010 by

Cauliflower for Al Jordan
Creator’s Edge Press
Writer: Chuck Messinger
Art: Dario Reyes

I had spoken to Chuck regarding this issue long before it came out. It actually was more than what I expected. I had seen the other visceral depictions of the impending ‘zombie apocalypse’ through the eyes of many creators. Even Marvel took a stab at cashing in on the Zombie genre; they were the first to tackle the issue regarding a simple question. “What happens when all the brains and fresh flesh are gone?” While they took a subtle twist with their book, the creative team brought Cauliflower for Al Jordan to a different level.

Being an independent publisher has allowed them to continue their unique perspectives and bring them to us raw and unadulterated.

The art matches the theme for the book very well. Vivid black and whites that gets straight to the point as the story does. Images are clear and crisp, which is good considering they tell 90% of this story. Reyes did an excellent job following Messinger’s script in this dynamic tale of optimal foraging.

Zombies gotta eat right? Well long into the end of day and 700 miles of traveling later, a young walking corpse collapses. Zombie Al Jordan makes a mistake few of us have, and discovers a new source of nutrition through his faux pas. As Al continues to eat, he becomes more and more human. Coming to the conclusion the reason the world ended was because people didn’t eat enough vegetables.

His new vegan fair may not be to everybody’s liking but I recommend this humorous take on Armageddon for anyone’s pallet.

4 out of 5 Servings of Delicious Leafy Greens

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