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Darkwing Duck #6
Published on Monday, November 22, 2010 by

The second issue in the regular title, #6 picks up with the war of the Darkwings storyline cluttered with alternate dimension versions of Darkwing Duck to fulfill Nega Duck’s scheme.

writer Ian Brill, artist James Silvani, cover James Silvani, Diego Jourdan

St. Canard was beset by trouble making masked mallards in issue #5. Issue #6 picks up with the same mayhem and blame being placed on the city’s criminal watchman making the terror that flaps in the night public enemy number-one (through five). In order to clear his name DW must make a public appearance and try to defeat an enemy in full view of the public. DW expects to face off with Liquidator again, but instead finds out that a villain that terrifies Liquidator is afoot in the water threatening the town. To make things worse, the other Darkwings are unleashed upon the town to begin the War of the DWs in part 2 of “Crisis on Infinite Darkwings.”

This is a good issue. It would work as a stand alone issue, but fits better into the arc. Although the issue may have too much recapping of issue #5. Spacing out reading these two issues is fine. Reading them back to back would be monotonous. Negaduck recaps his plan in both issues too fully to not be repetitive. Overall it is a good issue.

The art still looks like the TV show in your hands. The jokes are consistent to the show as well.

If you’ve not yet rejoined Darkwing’s adventures then it is time to pick up this issue. Discuss Darkwing and all things Boom! on the forum.

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