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Darkness/Pitt Cross Over TPB
Published on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by

The Darkness/Pitt cross over TPB is on sale Nov 24, 2010. This collects the 3 issue 2009 miniseries that was in the works for years–the art preview came out in 2006 with rumors going as far back as 2004

Billed as the Pitt’s first appearance in a comic in over a decade this series must take place before Image United and large universe scale wars in Invincible. The team-up with Darkness is only slightly more developed than Pitt’s guest appearance in Badrock miniseries in the 90s. The idea is the same. Don’t pick on Timmy.

The description of the comic fairly well sums it up:

Aliens! Mobsters! Zombies! Feds!

Basically an alien race has advanced similar to a virus has come to earth. Pitt knows. Pitt and Timmy are trying to stop it even with the government following their every move. The virus comes into contact with Darkness and viola Top Cow’s bad buy anti-hero is pulled into helping Pitt and Timmy stop the virus which mutates people into alien zombie monsters which does not respect mobster treaties.

Again, don’t mess with Timmy.

The multi-year production schedule led to a well created beautiful book. Dale Keown does a great job on the characters which he rarely lets see print. Pitt and Timmy look the same as they did at the end of the series a decade ago. Time seems to have stopped for these characters.

While not the most suspenseful story I’ve read it is nice to visit with the old characters again. The story reads like an early Image story which is nice.

story Paul Jenkins, art & cover Dale Keown

The Darkness/Pitt TPB collects #1-3 (the complete run of the miniseries), toned artwork, cover gallery, and much more. One of the notable bonuses to the trade is The Darkness #75 which features an all-star reunion cast of artists.

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