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Star Wars Q & A- The Answers!
Published on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by

Hasbro was kind enough to send us answers to some burning questions. Will we see more EU on vintage cards? What about the lack of the cloak for the newly released Luke Jedi? Also there will be a running change on a popular character. For all the info and a special message from Derryl DePriest, click on through….

Derryl DePriest:

Thanks to all our Star Wars sites – we hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Please send this note along to all of your readers:

It’s a very exciting time for Star Wars as the extraordinary Target exclusive Vintage 9-pack will be going on sale soon (Nov. 28th). There are two important things to note with this set. First, this set will be more limited than some of our other recent exclusives. Second, Target (and we) are so excited about the Vintage collection overall and these 3-packs that we have decided to keep this “collection within a collection” idea going at Target. Another wave of 3 3-packs will be coming in Spring and like these, they follow the Vintage character lineups. We think this an exciting development, and thanks to Target’s support, hopefully fans will be treated to even more in this series. Thanks again for the support and be sure to get to Target soon. Happy Holidays – the Hasbro Star Wars team.

And now, your answers:
1) Love the Prequel Trilogy Characters on the vintage cards. Any chance of getting any of the EU characters on vintage cards?
Answer: Yes, we have exciting news coming in ’11 for the Vintage Collection – three EU characters including ARC Trooper (from the Clone Wars micro-series), Nom Anor (from Crimson Empire), and Bastila Shan (KotOR). These characters will sport an “Expanded Universe” logo in the space where the movie logos appear on most Vintage cards. In ’12, we plan to continue this approach with figures based on characters from The Old Republic, The Force Unleashed II, and at least one unannounced source. Stay tuned!

2)With the release if the new Jedi Luke figure in wave 3 of the vintage collection pending, why did Hasbro forgo his signature cloak and pistol? These accessories would have gave us the ultimate Luke Jedi, film wise. The figure itself looks spectacular but many fans want his Jedi robes. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the franchise, we look forward to the future of this line!
Answer: The original plan, when it was drawn up on paper, was to have an updated, iconic Jedi Luke in the lineup for ’11 but our design team decided to do a version of Luke that had not been done before in some time and included the binders, while taking the cloak out. However, our packaging team did not get the message and created packaging for a Jedi Luke figure. As such, there was a mismatch. We have heard the fans in this regard, and are making moves to actually *change* the current packaging to become an “Endor Capture” Luke. Look for this in Spring ’11 as a running change to the current figure. This leaves the window open for the future return of a cloaked Jedi Luke figure, in a surprise new take inspired by the deleted scenes we saw from the Blu-Ray presentation at CV. Look for that version in Fall ’12…stay tuned!

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