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Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1
Published on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by

Published by: Boom! Studios
Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Chad Hardin
Colored by: Blond
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Dafna Pleban
Covers: A- Scott Clark; B- Chard Hardin w/ Art Lyon; C- Joe Benitez w/ Blond; RI Covers: Scott Clark, Chad Hardin w/ Art Lyon, Joe Benitez w/ Blond; Stan Lee Signature Variant- Paul Rivoche; Midtown Comics Exclusive- Paul Rivoche; Come Heroes Exclusive- Paul Rivoche

The second of the new titles created by Stan Lee for Boom! Studios. This one is apparently about a time traveler and his battles with the Split Second Men. There’s not much more revealed. He appears out of nowhere to save an innocent bystander from an attack by one of the three Split Second Men, who are time travelers. We then see a series of media images showing his actions and find out he’s been active for 2 days and has saved three apparently unrelated people from attacks by these time travelers.

I say apparently because that is how it appears. Nothing is really given about any of it. The Traveler, who becomes known as Kronus due to a patch on his chest, describes the Split Second Men but not what they are after. We’re left to assume that these people that are being attacked aren’t as innocent as they appear, or that there will be some connection revealed.

Waid does a decent job of keeping it moving. The action and pace keep the book going and you don’t realize you haven’t learned anything until you’re at the end. We don’t even get a decent handle on the powers of the Traveler.

Hopefully these innocents will be visited again and just why they are important is revealed, as well as why breaking the glasses was important.

Waid gives the Traveler a fairly sarcastic personality. It’s different from the standard superhero that is either brooding or wise cracking. But beyond being sarcastic, we know nothing else about the character. We’re shown a scene where he stares at his reflection in shock? Surprise? Horror? We don’t know because we’re shown the back of his head and not his face or reflection and all we have to go by is a large “!”. It looks out of place and a tad corny for what, I assume, is supposed to be an important scene.

Hardin’s art is good. His pages flow smoothly with no jumps in the pacing. His angles are decent with none of the characters looking awkward or out of proportion.

How he shows the Travelers powers, the after effects of the movement through time, are a little odd. It could also be the fault of the colorist. It’s hard to tell which image is supposed to be the “real” and which is the expression of the power. If they were shaded, lighter or some other way different then it would be easier.

Stan Lee’s The Traveler receives 3.5 out of 5

A decent first issue with just enough mystery to make you want to come back for the answers.

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