The GeeksverseUncanny X-Men #530

Uncanny X-Men #530
Published on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by

Published by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Greg Land
Inked by: Jay Leisten
Colored by: Justin Ponsor
Lettered by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Assistant Editor: Jake Thomas
Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Editor: Nick Lowe
Cover: Greg Land w/ Justin Ponsor

For an issue about an outbreak of influenza on Utopia, there seems to be a lack of fear, anger, surprise, shock, worry, desperation or of anything for that matter. It reads fairly stale.

You never get the feel that the mutants on the island are in any real danger. Because of that the press conference seems like it’s overboard. You read it and wonder “why are they holding this, it’s not a big deal”. Even the characters don’t seem to be particularly worried either. Angel is smiling when talking about making a “de facto” X-Men team. Dazzler seems giddy at the thought well the rest of the mutants are getting sick.

And the architect behind it all just seems like he’s going through the motions.

The subplot with Kitty, Emma and Fantomex figuring out how to deal with Sebastian Shaw has more tension then the main plot. And even that one makes little sense. It was Kitty’s idea to take Shaw out of the brig so it wouldn’t be found out he was there. Yet she seems surprised that Emma has them in space now. And they are there for days. Does Emma not have any idea what she is doing? The whole sequance seems odd.

I like Greg Land, I admit it. I like his old work much better then his current stuff. His work on Nightwing, Birds of Prey and Sojourn was awesome stuff. His work on Uncanny? Hit or miss. There are some panels that are great and some that are not.

The splash page of Storm? What is wrong with her face. Horrible. And there’s the usual cheesecake shots that he’s become associated with. Yes, the 1/2 page shot of Emma with just sheets wrapped around her falls under cheesecake, but that one is easier to deal with because of the context. The scene is showing how Emma was able to distract Scott enough for him to buy her lame excuse for why she, Kitty and Fantomex were leaving for a day or two. Have to admit, it is pretty distracting.

It’s a shame because Land had, emphasis on had, the ability to be great.

Uncanny X-Men #530 receives
2.5 out of 5

Not one of Fraction’s better issues.

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