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Radical Premiere: Damaged
Published on Thursday, November 25, 2010 by

Published by: Radical Comics
Created by: Michael Schwarz & John Schwarz
Written by: David Lapham
Illustrated by: Dennis Calero
Editor: Renae Geerlings
Cover: Alex Maleev

Offered as a flip book with Hollow Point for only a dollar. Can’t really go wrong with that. A sampling of two upcoming titles for only a buck? Great idea.

Damaged is told from the point of view of Captain Frank Lincoln as he investigates a murder scene. It’s a brutal scene with multiple bodies. The dead is a Russian gangster named Oloaf. The investigating officer thinks it’s the work of multiple men. Lincoln knows otherwise.

We never see the man, just a description. Lincoln knows who did this, his former partner named Henry.

A classic Punisher tale with a slight twist. It’s the twist that makes this interesting as Lincoln won’t allow Henry do turn his city into a river of blood. But which cop is right? Which is doing the true job? Thats what this series will be about.

Lapham’s script is decent. The story moves at a good pace and makes sense as it flows.

The art is the problem though. Characters change appearance from one panel to the next. Expressions are different then the script would lead you to believe. The first officer, that fills Lincoln in on the scene, appears to be a complete psycho in one panel with a maddened and crazy expression. The art doesn’t flow well, jumping in angles and views making it hard to follow.

The basic plot seems along the lines of the Punisher. It’ll be interesting to see how this differs, if it does. The premiere does it’s job though, even with the art not being that good, there’s still enough here to make me interested in the actual series when it comes out.

As this is a sample, it won’t receive a grade, just a simple yes or no. Yes means I’ll pick up the series when it comes out. No means I’ll leave it on the shelf.

Damaged receives a: Yes

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