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Radical Premiere: Hollow Point
Published on Thursday, November 25, 2010 by

Published by: Radical Comics
Created by: Ron L. Brinkerhoff
Written by: David Hine
Illustrated by: Elia Bonetti
Painted by: Ong Chew Peng
Edited by: Rob Levin
Cover: Tamas Gaspar

The flip book in this Radical Premiere, which is offered for only a buck, with ‘Damaged’ on the other side.

The introductory text on the credits page spells out what this series will be about. Which is good because the pages presented in this premiere issue don’t. This issue is about an assassin hired to do kill a priest who he is told is a pedophile, being pushed around ahead of scandal and is now rotting away at a Mexican parish.

The assassin goes to do the job and for some reason ends up sharing a drink with the priest. He ends up killing the priest and the issue ends. Nothing that is explained in the text on the credits page happens in this premiere. Which is a shame, because the introductory text seems interesting. The story presented in the pages just seems routine.

Nothing in this issue makes me really want to pick it up. The protagonist doesn’t come across as sympathetic. There’s no hook. It’s just a story about an assassin. Luckily the credits page text exists which makes me want to pick this up. Or at least interested in picking it up.

The art is pretty interesting. Radical’s style of painting over pencils is growing on me. It does make for a nice looking book. The art in this story is appropiatly dark, fitting the mood and tone. Characters remain consistent and emotion is carried through their expressions.

As this is a sample, it won’t receive a grade, just a simple yes or no. Yes means I’ll pick up the series when it comes out. No means I’ll leave it on the shelf.

Hollow Point receives a: Yes/No

If I pick this up will depend on what else comes out that week. If alot comes out, this will probably stay on the shelf as the preview didn’t do enough to get my interest. If it’s a slow week then I’ll pick it up.

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