The GeeksverseSavage Dragon #166

Savage Dragon #166
Published on Thursday, November 25, 2010 by

Published by: Image Comics
Written & Art by: Erik Larsen
Lettered by: Tom Orzechowski
Colored by: Nikos Koutsis & Mike Toris
Cover: Erik Larsen

Image sent out a press release talking about this issue and the events. Saying to expect the unexpected and that this issue and the next would be huge.

They weren’t wrong.

The last page… There have been very few times I’ve read a comic that I have openly exclaimed “oh my god” when reading. But this last page did it. I recently started reading Dragon again with the Emperor Dragon storyline. I had stopped during my comic hiatus of 5-6 years, so I missed alot of Dragon, but the last page, that I remember.

And the book has come full circle in a way.

I had completely forgotten about this event but as soon as I saw it, I remembered.

And the other major event of this issue? I really can’t see a way out of this problem. Could the bad guy have won after all?

This is a typical Larsen Dragon issue. If you haven’t gotten into Dragon by now, you’re not likely to anytime. This book is a work of love by Erik Larsen and is pretty unique in the world of comics. That it’s been going for so long is a testament to it’s strength. And that it ages is a rare thing.

But for fans of Dragon, this issue will rock their world.

Savage Dragon #166 receives
5 out of 5

Do not flip to the last page, let the surprise come to you.

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