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Original Air Date: 11/24/10

Cartoon Network ran the movie based on the comic book series by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn. Firebreather is about the son of a giant monster, called a Kaiju, and a human woman named Margaret. Duncan was raised by his mother and when he turns 16 starts getting some of his father’s heritage.

I never read the comics on which the cartoon movie is based, so I’m assuming that it adapts the first mini-series.

Without being a fan of the property, just knowing the basics, I was able to approach this as a stand alone property and not compare it to the books. It comes out favorable.

There’s a basic teenage-angsty story, but with a twist. And the whole thing is fun to watch. It’s an enjoyable tale. Fun with some exciting moments. Excellant CG animation that highlights the fire breathing aspects of the character.

End result was that I am interested in picking up the comics now. I have the latest issue, Firebreather: Homgang #1, on my pile to read and now I want to get the rest. It would have been nice if there had been an ad or something spotlighting the comics and giving the “locate a comic store” number, so kids watching the show would have known where it came from because things like this are what can bring new fans into the industry.

Firebreather receives
4 out of 5

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