The GeeksverseBatman Beyond #6 (of 6)

Batman Beyond #6 (of 6)
Published on Sunday, November 28, 2010 by

The final installment of the Batman Beyond mini series, picking up where #5 leaves off.

Cadmus’s pet crazy clone of Dick Grayson is hiding out with a zillion explosives ready to detonate and start an earthquake to sink New Gotham. As it turns out the entire mini series is fairly easy to sum up and jump into the story within one page. Cloned Dick Grayson is ready to destroy. Terry McGinnis is ready to run in fists flying. Bruce wants to draw on his experience and step back into the cowl, again. Instead…a new old alley joins the new Batman in the beyond.

Dick is teaming up with an un-uniformed Bat-favorite. I like how Dick Grayson calls Terry Batman, because he doesn’t want to know his real name. Dick is still trying to stay out of the Bat-life. When Terry says, “Must be weird seeing yourself out there threatening the city…” I love Grayson’s answer, “I’ve seen weirder.”

Of course Catwoman shows up. They’ve been establishing her during the entire miniseries. While Terry’s unofficial side kick Max has has very little face time, Catwoman has been built during the entire miniseries.

A new Detective Bullock shows up at Cadmus trying to figure out what is going on. He’s only around for two pages, but will probably show up again in the future.

The fight scene is fairly straight forward despite it being full of Bat-wraith robots, clones, multiple Catwomen and sewer shadows.

Bruce trying to reach out to the real Dick over the comm whisper was nice, but apparently too little too late.

This is a fine issue. It has one glaring continuity problem. Dick Grayson pets Ace knowingly, yet in the tv show Ace was clearly a late edition to the Bat family, after Bruce was alone.

The comic has a nice ending. It brings closure to the mini series, advances the overall dynamic between characters old and new, and sets up the on going series which is going to follow. Terry is given the choice to stay with the Bat-family or leave for a normal life but decides to stay. That decision seems important to the Bat-verse.

Adam Beechen writer
Ryan Benjamin penciller
John Stanisci inker
David Baron colorist
Travis Lanham letterer
Dustin Nguyen cover
Chris Conroy editor

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