The GeeksverseScott Thompson’s Danny Husk in The Hollow Planet – Advanced Review

Scott Thompson’s Danny Husk in The Hollow Planet – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, November 29, 2010 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Story & Script: Scott Thompson
Story Adaption: Stephan Nilson
Illustrated by: Kyle Morton
Lettered by: Charles Pritchett
Colored by: Ron Riley

Created by Scott Thompson, from the Kids In The Hall, comedy troop. Apparently Danny Husk has appeared in a couple of sketches? I’m not 100% sure.

Husk is an everyman kind of character. Nothing overtly special about him. Average build, average looks. Not an average life though as his wife is cheating on him with his ex-best friend. Their son disappeard from a ferris wheel and their daughter, at 11, is a little rebel. He’s been fired from his job and he’s hallucinated.

Then to top it off, he falls down a cave and into a different world.

It’s Warlord (from DC) and Skartaris but looked at through a different lens. If you don’t mind bisexuality (male and female), s&m and a little bit of strangeness then you’ll probably like Hollow Planet.

It’s a fun little tale. There’s a certain charm to it. It reads nicely, flows nicely. In an odd way, nothing comes off as shocking or strange, it all just comes along and moves along. Husk goes along with the flow, and the story reads that way, having the reader go along with the flow as well.

The twist at the end is pretty predictable, but it still reads good and is a pretty tender little moment.

The whole books is just a nice little read.

Morton’s art fits the style of the story perfectly. It’s kind of an “everyman” style of art. Nothing flashy, but solid and decent work. And he draws a good moustache on Husk. He does just enough to keep it intersting and give the fantasy world a different look from the real world.

Danny Husk in The Hollw Planet receives
4.5 out of 5

A good read that keeps the tone in feel with the main character.

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