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Ghost Rider 2 photo leak
Published on Monday, November 29, 2010 by

Comicbook Resources has images of Ghost Rider 2 sans flaming head CGI.

The image shows a motorcycle that seems to be a modified Yamaha V-Max which would be a motorcycle that is not featured in Ghost Rider. The original Ghost Rider movie featured the HD chopper allusion to the Fonda Easy Rider biker (Captain America bike) and Johnny Blaze’s stunt Buells. Other motorcycles were shown in the periphery of the movie especially in Blaze’s garage scenes. The shift in motorcycles may have been necessitated because Buell is no longer producing motorcycles. Harley Davidson dropped the Buell line, which has been its first sport bike line. Harley Davidson also sold off Italian sport bike brands that it had acquired in order to refocus the company in 2009.

Ghost Rider is a Marvel character that is notable because of his trade mark motorcycle, however the character has never had a consistent demon motorcycle in the comics. Even within comics the motorcycle seems to morph between V-twins, parallel twins, and other motorcycles. As with other comic riding Marvel heroes the artists seem to struggle to accurately represent motorcycles. So perhaps a cast of shifting motorcycles is not noteworthy when taking the property back to the silver screen but instead is an extension to the cavalier shift in motorcycles meaning little to non-riders.

Ghost Rider 2 is currently shooting in Romania. The film will reportedly be an extension of the first movie, with the spirit of vengeance hiding out in Europe until provoked back into action.

Superherohypehas more images from the set online.

In both pictures Nick Cage is seen reprising his role as Johnny Cage–the original actor still playing the original Ghost Rider. Comic book fan Cage is posing for the camera. Reportedly the young actor on the handlebars is the first look at Danny Ketch son of Ciaran Hinds’ Devil.

Libertatea seems to have originated the full set which has made its rounds around the internet.

The above image is Cage or a stunt man doubling Cage working on stunt riding behind the camera dolly mounted on a rig similar to a tow truck.

The Yamaha V-Max has been a cult classic motorcycle since its debut in the 80s. Although it has underwent very few changes from the introduction of motorcycles onto the roadway. The V-Max is a power cruiser that is worthy of the stunt riding Johnny Blaze.

The above image is probably not the SUV of vengeance but instead just Romanian fandom watching the popular actor move around Europe.

Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance follows a less than successful first movie which garners little respect in fandom circles despite updating the origin story and mixing super heroes with classic monster movies. The CGI heavy movie had several different fight scenes along with character building story telling. The initial buzz has been mixed between groans of indifference and applause of excitement.

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