The GeeksverseReview: Transformers Prime Darkness Rising Parts 1 and 2

Review: Transformers Prime Darkness Rising Parts 1 and 2
Published on Monday, November 29, 2010 by

The Autobot Cast of Transformers: Prime

by Joe Milone

Transformers: Prime – Darkness Rising Parts 1 and 2
Starring the voices of:
• Steven Blum – Starscream
• Jeffrey Combs – Ratchet
• Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime
• Tania Gunadi – Miko Nakadai
• Dwayne Johnson – Cliffjumper
• Ernie Hudson – Agent Fowler
• Josh Keaton – Jack Darby
• Sumalee Montano – Arcee
• Andy Pessoa – Rafael “Raf” Esquivel
• Markie Post- June Darby
• Kevin Michael Richardson – Bulkhead
• Frank Welker – Megatron
Warning: Some spoilers may be included.

Darkness Rising opens up with Cliffjumper (Played by none other than The Rock himself) and Arcee on patrol seeking out Energon, discussing how boring life on Earth is. Cliffjumper then discovers not only Energon, but Decepticons as well! Apparently the Decepticons were thought to be gone from Earth. A battle ensues and Cliffjumper is wounded and captured.

Brought to the Decepticon ship Cliffjumper is brought before Starscream who extinguishes his spark.
The rest of the Autobots (Prime, Rartchet, Bulkhead Bumblebee and Arcee)meet up and they are the only 5 Autobots left on Earth and must defend it from the D-Cons, who apparently never left. Arcee drives off upset at the loss of Cliffjumper.

Arcee dodging a pair of Decepticon car drones then encounters Jack who is working at a burger place. After being ridiculed by some other teens, he notices Arcee parked outside. The D-Cons arrive on the scene and Arcee takes off with Jack on her back. Bumblebee makes the save, running the cars off the they head into a ditch where Raf is playing with a remote control car. Arcee reveals her robot form to the kids until the cars show up again. Bumblebee and Arcee save the kids and they head back to school.

Back at the base, Prime fears that because of the encounter, the kids could be in danger. Arcee and Bumblebee then head to the school, to pick them up and bring them to meet the rest of the Autobots. However Japanese exchange student Miko sees Arcee Transform and she’s also brought along for the ride.

While Prime explains to the kids who they are, the Decepticons learn that Megatron is still alive and they bring him to Earth. Megatron has been searching the universe for Dark Energon, also known as the blood of Unicron. This dark Energon has the power to bring back fallen Transformers. Starscream offers up the body of Cliffjumper, who is brought back as mindless raging Zombie.

The Autobots see that Cliffjumper has come back online and go back to retrieve him…

Transformers Prime has a TON of Potential as a series. The animation is outstanding, the backgrounds are beautiful and the motion of the characters is fluid and crisp. The Transformers themselves are a blend of the movie look, the recent War for Cybertron Game, with a bit of G1 and Animated mixed in as well.
The story and writing is solid, and the humans aren’t horribly annoying (yet)

But what really stands out to me is the voice acting. It doesn’t get better then Cullen and Prime reprising their famous roles as Optimus Prime and Megatron. But the rest of the cast is rounded out nicely.

I loved this two parter and I look forward to what the rest of this series has to offer. I think this could wind up being the best TF series to date!

Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising Parts 1 and 2 gets 5 out of 5 energon cubes.

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