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Befriend the Twilight Guardian on Facebook
Published on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 by

Wonder where heroes go and what they do when they’re not in the comic books?
No you can befriend the Twilight Guardian on Facebookor you can follow along by checking out her blog to see what Superheroes are up to on their non-comic booked time.

Twilight Guardian was a former Top Cow Pilot Season winner that will be returning in January 2011.

Before January you can catch up with the Twilight Guardian by reading her blog, scoping her picks, and reading her Facebook wall posts in a very 2010 manner. If that doesn’t give you enough access to the super hero then befriend her and ask her questions on her wall. She’ll respond. She has discussion threads.

The internet is once again changing how fans interact with their heroes. In an age where a Savage Dragon with missing memories is given copies of his comic to read to remind him who he is it is not surprising that super types are reaching out to their public. Smallville fans have been able to read along with school newspaper in the past so this not completely a new promotional idea, but it is a nice intersection between two publishing mediums and explores the limits of modern fiction.

As always, jump to the forum to discuss.

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