The GeeksverseFeeding Ground #2 – Advanced Review

Feeding Ground #2 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 by

Published by: Archaia
Written by: Chris Mangun & Swifty Lang
Art & Layout by: Michael Lapinski
Lettering & Layout by: Chris Mangun
Edited by: Paul Morrissey

I read #1 right before reading #2 and I’m still lost on what this story is about. There’s two, or three, tales going on. Two revolve around a family that lives in a Mexican border town, you can see the fence and guardposts from their house. The father is a Coyote, running people across the border.

One part of the story involves him running a group of people across the border. He loses one of them along the way and the others get picked up by a group called Blackwell Industries. They seem pretty calm about being picked up by what looks and acts like a Paramilitary Corporation. Diego, the Coyote, doesn’t go with them and heads back into the desert. He finds the body of the one that was lost and is attacked by a werewolf.

The other part of the story involves Diego’s wife, son and daughter. The daughter was lost, and found, and their house is invaded by Don Osos, the man that “runs” the town. He wants the daughter for some reason, the son kills him. They burn their house and flee, with Diego arriving later. The issue ends with him heading off to find his family.

Other things going on involve the Border Patrol finding the body, which comes to life after growing hair and fangs. And then there is Blackwell Industries where a naked man walks up, is collared and fed raw meat. It seems that these people are werewolves. Thats what I assume from the dialogue.

There’s alot going on, but none of the pieces make sense when put together. There’s too many threads and not enough explanation. It reads as a jumbled mess and the script doesn’t help. It’s hard to follow as the script acts like you should know what is going on with the limited dialogue.

This series could benefit from slowing down and spending a little bit of time on explanation.

The art is a mess as well. It doesn’t flow well. The basic anatomy of the characters is excellant. They are just stiff and awkwardly posed. The layouts don’t flow smoothly, making for a very jumpy read.

The figures and backgrounds are good and detailed. The art just fails when motion needs to be conveyed.

This series does get kudos for one thing though. The issues are double sized because they have the english version and the spanish version for the price of a normal sized issue. The creators deserve some props for doing that.

Feeding Ground #2 receives
1 out of 5

I think this could be good if it just concentrated on one plot and explained more of what was going on.

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