The GeeksverseAsk Matty 12/1/2010

Ask Matty 12/1/2010
Published on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by

The Latest round of Answers are back from Mattel! Read on to find out what they had to say.

1)If you get to Modulock or Multibot, would they be considered a standard figure or would they be considered a ‘beast’?

Likely they are not a beast, but they may be more than just a standard figure too. We haven’t locked in plans for either one yet but if, and when, we get to them we will do out best to do them “right” which ideally means a few more accessories compared to a standard figure and that may mean a unique release.

2) Are there any Store Exclusive WWE products that we can look forward to?

Sorry, we don’t have this information now to provide. Stay tuned

3) Have Michael J Fox & Christopher Lloyd agreed to the use of their likenesses for the “Back to the Future” line?

Yes. But currently they are the only talent we have rights to use.

4) If you did the sky sled as a small vehicle, would you consider doing them in a single pack or a double pack. And has anythought been given to making a version colored for the bad guys?

The only vehicle we are currently working on is the one slotted for fall 2011 which is a mid-sized vehicle. It is not the Sky Sled, which is a small vehicle so not a lot of thought at this time has gone into how, and when, we would do a Sky Sled. Those are certainly some good suggestions!

5) Will the WWE Entrance Great Series continue in 2011 or will it be replaced by the Defining Moments Line?

Defining Moments will occupy the same role in 2011 that Entrance Greats did in 2010: the highest level action figure purchase in the WWE line.

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