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FlashBack Review: Black Flag (1994)
Published on Thursday, December 2, 2010 by

Black Flag was a one shot comic book from 1994 Image Comics, although it was later resurrected by Maximum Press.

The first issue introduced a collection of characters which included kids, covert ops vets, and a gorilla like character as well as a scantily clad woman with big…guns. In 1994 terms this comic had it all. All of the characters are jammed into a busy colorful cover. The comic was released with both a color and b/w ashcan version of the cover.

The story is told in three parts over twenty three black and white pages.

After the story is Dan Fraga’s sketch book with notes which look like they belong in a trade paper back edition. After that are the very 1994 pin ups. All of the content between the covers is on a paper stock that feels like newsprint. One of the things missing from this book is ads. It only has a back cover ad: Youngblood Strikefile #5 (feature Badrock). Although in Image fashion the comic does have the young adventurers wearing Badrock t-shirts for cross promotion within the comic art.

Having just finished reading this piece of forgotten 1994 Image I’m still at a loss for what the story is about. The art is splashy and crisp with plenty of action from the oddball cast, but it hard to definitively say what this piece is about.
Black Flag Cover #1 1994
Chapter one is about a young man’s dream of being a crusader which ends with him waking up.
Chapter two is a gorilla in suspended animation being taught to be a warrior.
Chapter three is another dream sequence, but this time with a war vet suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The strangest thing: the last page ends with “Continued in Black Flag #1″ which would presumably be the comic in hand.

The sketch book portion shines light on the project:

For me, th ecover was the most important part of the book. I did several different sketches to see what was best.

The sketch book has character designs including those for future black flag episodes.

Not the best early Image effort, but certainly an interesting piece which was enjoyably puzzling. The original cover price of 1.95 seems low by today’s pricing but might have been asking a little much of the 1994 consumer.

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