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Hasbro Marvel Q and A for December 1st
Published on Thursday, December 2, 2010 by

Read the questions and answers from the latest round from Hasbro’s Marvel Universe team!

1) How many current “bucks” or body types exist for the line? Are there any new scale body styles planned?

Not sure which line you’re referring to but we’re constantly adding to our library of tools. Some bodies only get used once or twice if they’re very character specific. Other smooth bodied “bucks” can be used for several characters and can be used for more than one year. To use Marvel Universe as an example, as we roll into year three, many of the year one bodies have been retired and many more have been added to take their place. It’s constantly evolving.

2) Are there any Marvel Universe characters that are offlimits?

No one in the Marvel Portfolio of characters is off limits, but there are definitely some that are less likely than others, at least in the near term future. For example – Unicorn, Ruby Thursday and Uncle Ben are lower on the list of priorities than say….World War Hulk and Cable with Hope!

3) The X-Force Archangel is a beautiful figure. I know after the first day of NYCC 2010, Marvel was low on supply and changed their offer, only giving the figure away to those who signed up for a full year subscription. They still sold out. There are rumors that the X-Force Archangel figure was so popular at NYCC 2010, there were not enough left for them to give out online to the general public for signing up. Basically only those who were at the convention were the ones that were going to get them. This is somewhat similiar with what happened at SDCC with the Sgt Slaughter figures from the Joe line. Knowing Hasbro has nothing to do with the way another company distributes their exclusive figures, does Hasbro know if their were enough figures made or if their is any intention of re-minting or re-issuing the X-Force Archangel?

We can say this – make sure to check for updated news about the X-Force Archangel figure!

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