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Bring The Thunder #1
Published on Friday, December 3, 2010 by

Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
Plot, concept, character designs: Alex Ross
Plot/Script by: Jai Nitz
Art by: Wilson Tortosa
Colored by: Marlon Ilagan
Lettered by Simon Bowland
Cover: Alex Ross

The cover looks like a movie poster, complete with credits. Not a bad way to do it. The name of the book even seems more movie-ish then comic book-ish.

I enjoyed the way this book was setup. It opens with two people fighting with eachother, with narration by an unknown. We dont’ even know which one is which. We then go back in time and learn about Wayne Russell, a Pararescueman in Afghanistan. His unit is sent in to rescue some wounded Estonians. They are ambushed, the entire unit except Russell, are killed. Russell moves to flank the sniper and discovers a strange gun on the ground. He picks up the gun, kills the sniper and then his body seems to explode. He wakes up a year later in Chicago, where his family’s home is being sold.

We still don’t know which of the two figures is Russell, or what exactly happened to him.

It’s an interesting way to set up the first issue of a new series. We get the hook at the front, and then the pieces start to get filled in. I’m not sure I liked the way the narration went during the scene in Afghanistan. It worked at explaining some about Russell and his thoughts and how he operates, but it seemed out of place during that scene, especially where it went from Russell talking about the past to talking about the present and dealing with the sniper.

It wasn’t enough to really bring down the issue though, as this was a solid comic. Interesting character, interesting setup.

It was also nice to read a book where it was obvious that the writers had done their research on aspects of the book, specifically Pararescuemen, Bridge and Omar Sharif’s Bridge columns.

Tortosa’s art is different from how I remember his work, but then it’s been years since seen him do a book.

His stytle worked for the subject. His Afghanistan and military scenes were nicely detailed. His figures are a bit too round in the face. He’s got a good grasp of storytelling and his layouts are pretty nice. I liked his work on this issue for the most part.

Bring The Thunder #1 receives
4 out of 5

Good start to a new series. Interested in seeing where it goes.

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