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Lady Death #0
Published on Sunday, December 5, 2010 by

Published by: Boundless Comics
Written by: Brian Pulido & Mike Wolfer
Art by: Marcelo Mueller
Colored by: Digikore Studios
Covers: A- Juan Jose Ryp; B- Garrie Gastonny; C- Matt Haley; D- Richard Ortiz; E- Michael DiPascale; F- Paul Duffield

This doesn’t pick up right where the Premiere (reviewed here) left off. The preview seemed like a 0 issue so I’m not sure why this isn’t a #1. Some time seems to have passed from the end of the Premiere and the start of this issue.

Lady Death, now called Illadra, is a thief/assassin in a mercenary band in the year 1351 in the kingdom of Aragon in Hispania. She has no memory of where she came from. And it’s not even explained how she got involved with this band or how long she’s been with them. Some of the band doesn’t trust her, the leader does without reservation.

It’s an odd place to start off, especially considering where the Premiere ended. There’s alot of ground between the Premiere and the 0 issue to be filled in. Most likely this will be a mini-series at some point, if it becomes popular enough. On one hand, it’s a good idea because it does allow the creators the oppotunity to do additional stories. But on the other hand, it doesn’t give a good foundation to start off from.

The story has alot of jumps in it and doesn’t flow well at all. This is especially noticeable during action scenes and it creates a vary jarring effect and makes the entire thing hard to follow. The script isn’t that strong either. Alot of the book doesn’t make sense. It’s hard to tell if the script is lacking, and that creates the jumping/jarring effect, or if it’s the fault of the artwork.

The art is decent. Nothing spectacular. It’s solid work, at least in the linework. The figures are well proportioned, look the same from panel to panel, and aren’t stiff. The panel layouts aren’t the best as they help create the jarring transitions from action to action.

The opening long panel of Lady Death/Illadra’s first appearance is especially odd as it makes it look like she’s on the opposing side from her allies as she’s on the left facing them as they break through a gate on the right side of the page.

Lady Death #0 receives
2 out of 5

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Not the best way to start off a new series.

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