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Valhalla Cindermane #1
Published on Sunday, December 5, 2010 by

Published by: Enemy Transmission
Written by: Michael Kuty
Penciled by: Axel Gimenez
Inked and Colored by: Daniel G.A. Goiz
Lettered by: Kelly Ishikawa
Editor: Eric Attio

Published by a new small press company called Enemy Transmission. Follow the link to visit the company’s website and learn more about them and their books.

I saw this in the stack of new books at one of my local stores and decided to pick it up.

As a first issue, an introduction to the character of Valhalla Cindermane, this issue fails on all counts. We have no clue who or what Vahalla is. She rides a motorcycle, wields a battleaxe, is super tough, talks in an archaic style, wears ripped jeans and a halter top, and talks about herself in the 3rd person. Beyond that we know nothing about her. Where is she from? What is her purpose? Nothing.

Isn’t a first issue supposed to give us some hints about the character? Something to make us interested in her?

This issue is also paced oddly. We see Valhalla riding her motorcycle and coming across a carjacking. She gives chase and causes the car to get into an accident with a bus. The bus hitting the passenger side of the car, where the mother and her daughter were. We then cut to Valhalla in a bar, having a drinking contest with a biker for his bike. She wins, gets in a fight with the biker and his gang and then it goes to the scene of the accident where Perilious shows up (I’ll get to him in a minute). The issue ends with Valhalla in an alley about to chop someone in half and the police overreact and start shooting at her.

Interspaced amid all that is the story of Perilious. He’s an alien from a doomed planet, who causes the planets doom to quicken. His family is taken from him and he is left to die alone on the planet. Somehow he is pulled through the portal he created and arrives on Earth in Tunguska in 1908. He is telling his story to a doctor at some tech company. He teleports the doctor to a hospital where she picks up her daughter. He leaves before being introduced to the daughter and the doctor and kid get carjacked.

Yes, it’s the same ones that were in the car that Valhalla stopped.

We then see Perilious somehow show up at the accident and try to save the life of the Doctor.

During all this we’re also introduced to a man that took some chemicals and become stronger. Now he’s working at taking over the mob in New York.

That’s alot going on in a single issue that is supposed to introduce a new character. The guy taking over the mobs is understandable, that’s setting up a greater conflict for the series. But Perilious? His story took up too many pages and doesn’t make sense. The book is Valhalla Cindermane and almost half of it was the origin story of another character.

What makes it weirder is that Perilious is in the back-up feature. And in that back-up feature we see Perilious having been in the life of a young girl and her mother, who is now dead. They have different names then the mother and daughter we see in the first half. Put together, none of it makes any sense.

The series has potential. There is ALOT of nice little moments. Perilious trying to guess the Doctors name. The relationship between Perilious and the Doctor. Valhallas really formal style of talking in contradiction to her dress and actions.

As a first issue it just doesn’t work. There is too much going on and it’s laid out in a way that doesn’t make sense. We’re not told that the biker scene is a flashback, or that Valhalla might have been impaired when she gives chase to the carjacking. Having the origin of Perilious and those pages makes the book harder to read and follow. Just too much and makes for a very muddled read.

The art is decent. Gimenez is pretty detailed. The storytelling is good, there’s no major jumps in layouts or actions. It flows pretty well and works very well. His figures are well proportioned. There are no awkward poses or stiffness to his figures.

Valhalla Cindermane #1 receives
2.5 out of 5

The foundation is decent, the execution of #1 is too muddled.

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