The GeeksverseFlash Back Review: Urban Myths #1 (2008)

Flash Back Review: Urban Myths #1 (2008)
Published on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 by

Since Pilot 2010 is coming to a close with server crashing vote tallies, I thought it would be a great time to revisit Pilot Season 2008. In today’s Flash Back Review, I’m looking at Urban Myths which was a 2008 Pilot Season contestant.

Urban Myths was crated and written by Jay Faerber (Dynamo 5), with art by Jorge Molina, Letters by Troy Peteri, overall design by Chaz Riggs and editing by Rob Levin for Top Cow.

Urbam Myths follows a detective, Jack Medusa, through a Greek Myth bending detective tale. Jack is the son of legendary Medusa, and is cursed with her powers, so he is forced to wear an iron mask. The case central to Urban Myths #1 is that of trying to find a little girl. While looking for the girl Jack crosses paths with cyclopses, and other mythological creatures. Inevitably Jack has to cross over into Hades (in a drug induced comma) to bring the girl back from the dead.

Fist punching action and detective work is offset by the mythology in a nice blend within this comic.

This comic provides a nice stand alone story. Despite the if-I-only-knew last line this is a complete self contained story that makes sense. The world is familiar and recognizable. It just works. It is a fun read, although since it does not leave the audience wanting more that could have hurt its chances in Pilot Season.

The art is nice.

The lettering is a bit simplistic without anything that really stands out as nice.

This is a nice package. Most importantly it is a fun read.

No Flash Back Review is complete without a discussion of the ads…I love looking at floppy serials in part because of their ads. Unfortunately since this is a 2008 comic the ads are still fairly contemporary. The back page advertises Witchblade and Birds of Prey on DVD. An interesting ad is for Power Storm; Customizable Card Game that features a Top Cow edition deck option to buy and download.

Now that Jay Faeber has had more success with Arana, Doc Samson, Dynamo 5, and a string of other writing projects, it would be fun to revisit this concept in the future. This is a fun back issue bin find if you can find it.

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