The GeeksverseDays Missing: Kestus #2

Days Missing: Kestus #2
Published on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 by

Published by: Archaia Entertainment
Written by: Phil Hester
Art by: David Marquez
Colored by: Digikore
Lettered by: Troy Peteri
Editor: Paul Morrissey
Cover: Jorge Molina

I still need to go back and get the rest of the Days Missing series.

This issue ties into the famous burning of the library at Alexandria. Hester does a good job of weaving the Steward’s tale into a real event. He doesn’t change the outcome and comes up with a plausible way that the library was destroyed even with the Steward trying to provide a warning. The end result may not have been what the Steward wanted, but it does tie into real history.

That is a nice way of doing the story. It shows some of the Steward’s purpose and how sometimes he doesn’t accomplish what he wanted to do. The inclusion of Judith provides a nice counterpoint to the scholars. That the Steward gets forgotten once he’s gone is a nice way to explain his work among humanity and why nothing has ever been written.

I wish some more time was spent on Kestus. Watching the Steward encounter her throughout time is cool, but we don’t get to see things from her point of view. He jumps around and she has to leave through it all. How much of history has she influenced? Her attitude is that people are sheep and she is the shepard, so it would be interesting to see more of how she affects history.

Marquez is a talent. I’m surprised he hasn’t been snatched up by Marvel or DC yet. He’s got a strong sense of storytelling and layouts. His figures are excellant and he draws beautiful women.

Days Missing: Kestus #2 receives
4.5 out of 5

Excellant series. Adding the Steward to real world events is interesting.

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