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G.I.Joe ARAH #161
Published on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 by

The preview is already up on the Pryde. I picked it up today to see how Hama is doing.

Writer Larry Hama
Artist S L Gallant
Inker Gary Erskine
Colors J Brown
Letters Neil Uyetake

The fun ole school cover would have lured me in. Cover A of Chuckles being tortured is fun, and the RI sketch cover is fine, but I really liked the Storm Shadow Joe cover.

I think the art in ARAH 161 has G.I. Joe Origins #22 beat hands down. The wide shots are still sparse, but the close ups have more detail.

In the preview I missed the new POC Hiss tank that they’ve worked into this story. Nice.

Chuckles thinks the interrogation is being done by “Wuss-Vipers” which is fun. The dialogue is better in this issue than in a few of the recent Hama scripts. I still don’t like how they announce their weaponry. The three second delay fuse discussion was fine but I don’t need to hear announced about grenade cans. Somehow when they keep saying the name of the vehicles over and over it just reminds me of the cartoon and toy sales which doesn’t bother me.

This is an action packed rescue mission with nice team work from the crew on hand.

Back at the Pit we get several pages of happy Joes going through the steps to keep their base secret. Increased security. Plenty of fancy gadgets and good cheer. I love seeing Chuckles shoot a Cobra in the head, but I like the down time scenes where we get to watch jovial Joes too.

Storm Shadow seems a bit over the top as the clever ninja trickster. He took Spirit’s blanket out from under Spirit?

The biggest disappointment was not enough evil reprogrammed Snake Eyes. I bought this comic for the evil Snake Eyes. I wanted to see the black ninja finally do some evil things but didn’t.

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