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The Status of the Current Transformers Universe
Published on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 by

Joe Moscone on behalf of Hasbro, Inc. and the Transformers team sent over some information regarding the Current Transformers Universe. Read on to find out more!

A question was recently posed to Hasbro’s UK office asking if the Transformers Prime television series and the Transformers War for Cybertron video game were in a connected continuity. Unfortunately the wrong answer was delivered and that answer has made its way to the fan community. The TRANSFORMERS brand team would like to confirm that Transformers War for Cybertron video game, Transformers Exodus novel, and the Transformers Prime television show are in the same aligned continuity. Hasbro is creating a single continuity to tell the bulk of our TRANSFORMERS stories going forward.

Please look for further details about the continuity plan and new projects over the next year.

Joe Moscone
on behalf of Hasbro, Inc.

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