The GeeksverseHalycon #2

Halycon #2
Published on Thursday, December 9, 2010 by

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Marc Guggenheim & Tara Butters
Art by: Ryan Bodenheim
Colored by: Mark Englert
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Aubrey Sitterson

This starts off a month or so after the end of the first. No more violence or criminal thoughts. Some of the heroes are bored. Others are seeking the cause of this. One of them, Transom (this universe’s speedster), is running himself ragged stopping natural disasters.

Okay, this part had me a bit confused. Nothing states that natural disasters have gone up. Transom states he’s the only one that is fast enough to get all over the world to stop them. Why wasn’t he doing this before? Why is he running himself ragged now? Wouldn’t he have been doing the same before the violence disappeared?

This made no sense. How did the change cause him to become the only one that could respond to natural disasters?

Yes, it’s a way to get the other heroes out of the picture, giving them nothing to do, by saying he’s the only one that can do it. But thats just not true. The natural disasters haven’t changed, so the loss of violence in the world shouldn’t affect who and how they get responded to.

It’s a bad way to start this issue off.

Also, if Sabre no longer has the urge to use a gun or kill someone, and if violence is gone from the world, how was he able to beat up a suspect? So if Sabre is able to physically attack someone and beat them bloody, why can’t others? Why can’t the criminals still commit muggins and beatings? That would give the other heroes something to do.

Guggenheim is missing a great oppotunity to tell a story here. Take a character that thrives on violence, and the threat of violence to do his “job”, and force him to solve a mystery without the use of any violence at all. That would have been a good read. Instead we get something that doesn’t even make sense in the context of the story.

Why is Sabre able to beat someone bloody but others can’t?

The sequance with Zenith being able to enjoy her now free time was well done. But one part out of a couple that don’t work doesn’t make for a strong book.

Boddenheim’s work isn’t as strong as the first issue. The figures are as detailed, but there is a noticable lack of background detailing. The layouts are nice, allowing the story to flow smoothly.

Halycon #2 receives
3 out of 5

Decent but not as good as could have been. The plot holes really hurt this issue.

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