The GeeksverseLady Mechanika #1

Lady Mechanika #1
Published on Saturday, December 11, 2010 by

Published by: Aspen MLT, Inc
Written & Drawn by: Joe Benitez
Colored by: Peter Steigerwald
Lettered by: Josh Reed
Editor: Vince Hernandez
Covers: A- Joe Benitez; B- J. Scott Campbell

This issue introduces alot of characters and a mystery. The focus of the issue isn’t Lady Mechanika herself but Benitez uses the events around her to help flesh out the main character.

The mystery is a mechanical girl found dead. She’s like Lady Mechanika in that she isn’t totally human. Lady Mechanika gets involved hoping that the dead girl will help Lady Mechanika discover her own past.

There’s some narration by LM, where she mentions how she was found and a little about what was done to her. The opening sequance is well done because with the narration over the fleeing girl, we don’t know if it’s a flashback of LM herself or someone new. It’s a good technique and works very well to open a first issue.

Through conversations with supporting characters we learn that LM is a monster hunter and pretty famous, there are books written about her. This is a good way to learn about the character without having to be told.

The world that Benitez has created is very interesting. It’s a very steampunk atmosphere and with Benitez’s detailed art the setting really comes alive. His work is very detailed. I’ve always been a big fan.

There are a couple of minor layout issues, where the action and story don’t flow as smoothly and it’s hard to fully understand what is going on. But they are relatively minor and don’t distract from the overall story.

Lady Mechanika receives
4.5 out of 5

Good start to what should be a fun book.

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