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What If? – Wolverine: Father
Published on Saturday, December 11, 2010 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Greg Tocchini
Colored by: Chris Sotomayor
Lettered by: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Editor: Jody Leheup
Executive Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover: Leinil Yu w/ Jason Keith

This What If asks the question: What if Wolverine had raised his son? In the MU, Wolverine wasn’t there when Itsu was killed and he never knew of his son. The boy grew up resentful of his father and is the man known as Daken, the Dark Wolverine.

It’s a good question and should provide a good story.

But it doesn’t.

In this story Wolverine retreats to the mountains of Tibet to raise his son, John, away from Wolverine’s old life and anyone connected with it. For some reason the dark nature of John still surfaces. He’s resentful of his father for making them live in the mountains. Which doesn’t make any sense. It’s the only life the boy has known. He has friends. So why the anger and resentment?

Yes, Wolverine doesn’t handle it well when Professor X shows up. But I still don’t understand where John’s anger comes from. Wolverine is raising him away from violence. No mutant powers. No attacks. Nothing. And yet John’s dark side still comes out?

It comes across as forced. It doesn’t feel natural. There’s no reason why the boy should be that way. The idea of the story is that Wolverine knows he’s a monster and he passes that on to his son. But how? It doesn’t make sense.

Not a well thought out answer to the question. Could have really gone in alot of other directions with this. But it seems like they went with the easy way, not having to put any thought into what having Wolverine raise a son would be like. There is no reason the boy turns into Daken at the end, not with what was presented in this story.

Tocchini’s art is a mess. I liked his work on Radical’s Last Days of American Crime. But in this issue it just isn’t the same. It’s messy and hard to follow at points. It’s sloppy, like he wasn’t really trying.

What If? Wolverine: Father receives
2 out of 5

There was a chance to really do something different with Wolverine but they took the easy way out.

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