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Quick Thoughts Reviews 12/08/10
Published on Monday, December 13, 2010 by

Knight and Squire #3
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Paul Cornell
Penciled by: Jimmy Broxton

A distinctly British series. It’s got an odd tone. Not like other super heroe books. I’m not liking the one-and-done feel to the stories. I like the Knight and Squire but this series isn’t really giving me what I was hoping for.

Red Robin #18
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Fabian Nicieza
Penciled by: Marcus To

I like this series alot. Red Robin is methodical. He’s a proactive hero, which is a nice twist. Each new arc builds off the previous ones and it’s nice to see Tim Drake walk the moral quagmire he’s put himself in.

I Am An Avenger #4
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Various
Penciled by: Various

Normally I avoid anthology series like this one. I haven’t picked up any of the X-Men event related ones. But I’m a sucker for Avengers stuff and this has been a good series so far. No real “throw away” stories (at least the main ones, this issue had a couple of filler 2 page and 1 page strips). Each story has been fairly meaningful in the larger Avengers tapestry.

Mystery Society #5
Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Steve Niles
Art by: Fiona Staples

This series started out strong, but it faltered down the way. Not a strong finish to what could have been a great series. Had it’s fun moments, but not enough to really save it in the end.

Silent Hill: Past Life #2
Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Tom Waltz
Art by: Menton3

Very creepy with really atmospheric art. The art is beautiful, in a way, to look at. Unique panel layouts and pages make for a very good read. The story is creepy and freaky. Good stuff.

Thor #618
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Matt Fraction
Art by: Pascual Ferry

Good issue. Beautiful art and great long panel layouts by Ferry. We see what Odin’s been up to and the denizens of the other 8 Worlds come to Asgard seeking help. Balder really is a weak king.

Invaders Now! #4
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by Christos Gage
Art by: Caio Reis

I must have missed issue #3 because this starts off at a place I don’t remember. It’s easy enough to pick up whats going on. Interesting premise and the series has been pretty good so far.

Chaos War: God Squad #1
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Marc Sumerak
Art by: Dan Panosian

Another Chaos War tie-in book that really doesn’t amount to anything. Ugly art and that’s saying something as Panosian’s never been all that great to begin with. Boring story that really doesn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of Chaos War. Shouldn’t it have been mentioned in the main book why the God Squad is able to withstand some of the Chaos Kings attacks?

Chaos War: Ares #1
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Michael Avon Oeming
Art by: Sergovia & Rodriguez

Finally, a Chaos War tie-in book that actually fits into the overall scheme of Chaos War. This issue explains how Ares comes to serve the Chaos King and it helps define the character and the role. Also adds a bit of history to the conflict between Ares and the Chaos King. Not the best art though.

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