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Ask Mattel for 12/15/2010
Published on Thursday, December 16, 2010 by

Mattel sent us the answers for our final Q and A for 2010. Keep readin to find out the answers from this round!

1) Given that Batman Beyond has been a solo cartoon character as well as guest in other DCU cartoons, will he be given the Brave and Bold character treatment to flesh out the Bat-family roster in the future?

Yes, we do have more Batman Beyond characters coming in 2011! Ironically, they were planned before the new comic was announced or before it was known the show would be back on the air!

2) Mighty Max was a fun line. Has Mattel given any thoughts to revisiting this property, maybe with imaginext or like the mini toystory/brave and the bold figures?

Sorry, we can’t comment on any relauches of Mattel vintage properties. Mighty Max is a favorite around here!

3) Any chance of seeing Smallville versions of the DC Characters in the DCUC Lineup.

No, we won’t be exploring live action Smallville figures in DCUC.

4) Wave 2 of MOTUC vs DCUC just hit, but are there any hints of who we might see in the next sets?

The next figures will be revealed in the Jan shipping issue of Toy Fare!

5) Toy Guru, which MOTUC bio is your favorite and which one might you redo if given the chance?

Toy Guru jumping in here:

“I really like both Vikor and the new King Grayskull. It was fun to see the worlds really come together. Trap Jaw was also a particularly fun bio to do. Adora was also great since it helped clarify that Etheria was in Despondos. There really aren’t any bios that need to be re-done. There were two early mistakes I’d want to correct. Tytus’ bio had a few events swapped (the building of Castle Grayskull and the Towers) and Goddess’ bio mistakenly said there was 500 year between Grayskull and Adam when it was supposed to be 5,000 years.

All 200+ bios were written at the same time and while fans may be frustrated that not all the info is out there, this is intentional and in time the full picture and a greater appreciation for the work that went into this huge undertaking may come to the surface!”

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