The GeeksverseDC Presents Batman Beyond #1 (100 page spectacular)

DC Presents Batman Beyond #1 (100 page spectacular)
Published on Thursday, December 16, 2010 by

One of my constant complaints during the recent Batman Beyond mini series was that it didn’t look like the cartoons. I missed that familiar Beyond art vibe. So when I saw DC Presents Batman Beyond #1, the 100 page spectacular, sporting art reminiscent of the TV show I had to pick it up. Giving it a flip, the meaty paper back was chock full of consistent cartoony art. I bought it.

As I suspected this is a reprint from the 2000 comic book series. Oddly they have collected four issues together in this 100 page reprint, but they did not print four consecutive issues. This reprints 13, 14, 21 and 22. Issues 21 and 22 was a two part story arc involving the Justice League beyond as featured in the cartoon which is why the Justice League is featured on the cover. Oddly, this comic does not have Superman Beyond although he is front and center on the cover. The one shot 100 pager cover seems to be derived from the Batman Beyond #21 cover.

As a 100 pages of Batman Beyond this is a fun piece of nostalgia. If you did not collect the series in the 2000s then this is a comic you might want.

As a trade paper back it fails horribly. I would have liked the original covers reprinted at least.

This 2000 kids comic was wordy but fun. The stories are not the tightest but they are fun. The first story (issue 13) features Commissioner Barbara Gordon. It has a few neat easy to follow artistic moves, including a memory of Scarecrow in her pupil, toned flash back sequence, and a nice mirroring with her present and past in a dinner window. It is easy to follow for kids. It doesn’t quite make sense why Barbara goes up the ladder after the bad guy when she is struggling dealing with heights, but it is a fun read. I always liked the tension and ultimate acceptance between Gordon and McGinnis. The second story (issue 14)is a Halloween tale featuring the Demon Etrigen. They keep saying Hell a lot for a kids comic. It deals with dreamscapes but is again easy to read for kids. The third story (issues 21-22) deals with Terry McGinnis hanging out with the Justice League but not really joining. Green Lantern has to fight a Black Lantern in a story called “In Blackest Day.” How long did the Black Lantern cross over go on? This was originally printed in 2001.

This is a fun all ages collection. I am curious why they selected these four stories, but it is a fun flash back that is suitable to share with your children.

Hilary Bader Writer
Min S Ku and Rick Burchett Pencils
Andre Parks, Jordi Ensign, Dan Davis Inkers
Lee Loughridge and Shannon Blanchard Colorists
Based on Batman created by Bob Kane

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