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Proof: Endangered #1
Published on Thursday, December 16, 2010 by

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Alex Grecian
Art by: Riley Rossmo
Colored by: Frank Zigarelli

This is not new-reader friendly. There’s a quick recap page and a bio in the back, but the story itself is definately not welcoming to new readers. Which I am.

Is it bad? No. But there just seems to be so much going on that it’s hard to follow if you hadn’t read the previous Proof series. The press releases on this series intrigued me so I picked it up. I’m not disappointed that I did, I just wish that this had been more new-reader friendly, especially for a first issue of a new mini-series.

This feels like a direct continuation from previous issues. Not sure why it’s a new mini-series.

The concept is interesting and I like the way that Grecian writes the series. I think I like the characters but it’s hard to tell as not much time is spent on them. Proof himself only appears in 5 pages. The rest is taken up by the rest of the characters. And who are all of them? The front page identifies 4 members of the cast. None of the rest are given any kind of identification.

Grecian assumes that everyone is instantly recognizable to the reader.

This is a hard book to get into if you’re new to the world of Proof. If you were hoping to use this issue to see if it was a book you wanted to get into, you’d be disappointed as it’s not tailored to attracting new readers.

Rossmo’s art is interesting. He draws some long necks. It’s messy and yet not. It’s rough, but that works for the style. The page layouts aren’t the smoothest but for the most part the book is well laid out.

Proof: Endangered #1 receives
I really don’t know how to grade this one…

As a first issue of a new mini-series, which is normally when you’d try to get new readers, this would receive a 1 out of 5

But as part of the ongoing Proof story? I can’t give it a grade for that.

End result is that I’m curious about the Proof story, but this issue didn’t do enough to grip me and make me want to find the rest of the stories.

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