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Approaching 25 Years of Flare!
Published on Friday, December 17, 2010 by

Flare has a flair for the 80s small press nostalgia. This small press character is hitting her 25th anniversary in 2011 marking her adventurous career since 1986, which is a feat in the small press industry as noteworthy as the 200th issue of Spawn.While not a character that everyone immediately recognizes, not as iconic as some large company characters, Flare is a survivor. Many of us at the Pryde are old enough to fondly remember First Comics, Jon Sable, and Badger, !mpact Comics, and other 80s mass market media that has disappeared. . Flare brings that generation of comics back into style.

Flare is a superhero who was originally created by Stacy Thain for a superhero role-playing game called Champions. Flare appeared in the six-issue run of the Champions comic published by Eclipse Comics in 1992, then in several of her own books by Heroic Publishing. In the Eclipse Comics and then on into the Heroic titles Flare faced many RPG characters including Amazing Darkon, Galloping Galooper, Dash, Exo-Skeleton Man and agents of VIPER.

Although has not been constantly in print for 25 years, Flare is still an ongoing title character, and is also found in trade paper back collections, and running around the rest of the universe at Heroic Publishing. Still going strong, Flare can be read as a syndicated comic strip by Dennis Mallonee.

Discuss your Flare memories old and new on the Pryde forum.

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