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Reasonably Priced Comics #1 an anthology
Published on Friday, December 17, 2010 by

Reasonably Priced Comics offers a variety of small press comics, including the new self-titled release Reasonably Priced Comics #1. On 22 December 2010 will release their first seasonal anthology boasting three stories from three creative teams, all for under three bucks! More bang for the holiday comic buck!

The three story anthology tries to court a variety of fan tastes from sci-fi, humor, horror, to space and beyond.

“Voyaga”, the new science fiction series from Brandon Barrows (JACK HAMMER) and Rudolf Montemayor (HOLLOW EYED MARY, OUTER SPACE MEN). Dean Kirkland was to be the first human being to leave behind our solar system; instead, the world left him behind. Now, he’s alone in a world he’s only beginning to understand. His real journey begins here!

Reasonably Priced Comics #1

While this is a complete story, the adventures of Dean Kirkland will continue in the next issue as a serial adventure. This story harkens back to classic sci-fi comics and late night movies full of action and square jawed adventure.

“Chu’s World: My Girlfriend is a Gamer”, cartoonist Chu Wei’s (FOURTHEWIN, CHU’S WORLD) light-hearted look at the daily trials and tribulations a typical gamer girl puts her boyfriend through. Will Anna ever be able to use the Staff of Awesomeness? Will Jake ever get a turn to play?

“Laces”, by Martin Brandt II (DEAD FUTURE, STITCHWORK, CLOCKWORK ANGEL) and Silvina Rinaldi (STITCHWORK, CLOCKWORK ANGEL), is a horror tale in the spirit of Basil Wolverton and the other horror greats of the 1950s. Who is stealing Gran-Gran’s shoelaces and why? This is perhaps one of the most haunting use of the rhymes used to teach children to tie their shoes, “over under…pull it tight…pull it through to do it right.”

The modestly named sci-fi anthology, Reasonably Priced Comics #1, is a black and white anthology with a cover by Ionic. Priced at $2.50 this is a modestly named comic has a modest price to match the title. The stories are well crafted stories with polished art. Small presses can occasionally have lower art standards behind fancy covers, but that is not the case with these three stories in Reasonably Priced Comics although the art is as diverse as the stories. The first story is drawn in the vein of traditional action comics(pictured above). The second story has a cuddly comic strip or webcomic look complete with large framed panels. The third story’s art draws from Manga and American influences. Manga rendered character designs seems a little odd in the fantastical setting of West Virgina.

Available at supporting stores on 22 December 2010. This was released on on the 15th, so if you want to rush out and grab a copy hop on line, otherwise talk to your local comic book shop about getting you a copy of this sci-fi anthology for the holiday season. This is a great stocking stuffer for sci-fi lovers because the stories are so diverse with the first being an action oriented space fare and the last is akin to a manga revision of an EC horror comic.

The next issue will come out is in the spring featuring a continuation of the Barrows tale exploring the 31st century and two more features giving the second Reasonably Priced Comics the same formula as the inaugural issue.

Reasonably Priced Comics can be followed on twitter via or discussed in the the Independent Pryde Forum after you’ve consulted your local comic book shop and picked up this comic. If you’re local comic shop hasn’t heard of RP Comics yet, then it is time you introduced them!

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