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Super + Dinosaurs – Capes + Missiles + Kirkman= 2011
Published on Friday, December 17, 2010 by

CBR announced, “The dinosaurs are dead. Long live Super Dinosaur!”

Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard stopped the successful Astounding Wolfman at issue 25. The creators had assured the public that they would be back soon with a new project. Kirkman had mentioned in various letters columns that he wanted to do an all ages comic with Howard.

Howard draws a clean figure in both bright colors and shadows. Howard also draws excellent entrails and gore. It will be interesting to watch him bring his clean drawn whimsy to the drawing board without the splatter that had become the norm in Astounding Wolfman.

Kirkman knows gore. The Walking Dead festers with rot and decay seemingly without limits. Kirkman’s teenage super hero breaks planets. Kirkman’s horror infused hero rips and shreds until the end of the series. It will be interesting to watch him hold back the gore to make the all ages book all ages.

The all ages book that Kirkman intends for all ages is another zany concept: Super Dinosaur, an on going series co-launched by Image and Skybound in April 2011 which is the story of a boy genius Derek Dynamo and his best friend a genetically altered T-Rex from a hidden world within the Earth. Then they’re adding missiles to the dinosaur attached to a partial exo-skeleton.

Like Astounding Wolfman, Super Dinosaur will be released on Free Comic Book Day. Astounding Wolfman was met with great success as a new project debuting for free, then selling the same issue to readers again.

This comic is set in a distinctly different non-Invincible world like Walking Dead. Therefore the chance of a cross over or interaction is low even though Kirkman loves bringing heroes together all over the Image universe.

Discuss your thoughts on this odd couple comic on the Pryde Forum.

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    • […] is online! Meet the cast and get a preview from Comixology on the newly launched SuperDino site. This all ages project will be released on Free Comic Book Day. If you can’t wait then take a peek at the website. Read more about it. […]


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