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The Northern Guard #1
Published on Friday, December 17, 2010 by

Published by: Moonstone
Written by: Ty Templeton
Illustrated by: David J. Cutler
Colored & Lettered by: K.T. Smith
Editorial: Lori G
Covers: A- Jason Edmiston; B- David J. Cutler

This series takes place in 2028. The world was a bit different then what we know and headed for war. A Russian scientist, Dimitri Tomkin, recreated and improved Tesla’s “Wardenclyffe Wireless” electric broadcast tower. He meant to give Europe free wireless energy. With the world at war, he changed his mind and changed the machine so it would render uranium inert.

It didn’t work. Instead it caused a worldwide blackout. It rendered conductive materials (copper, gold, silver, aluminum and others) inert. All except for an area 500 miles wide and three thousand miles long (through Alaska, Canada and Long Island New York) where the wave traveled. The wave caused people to awaken with powers.

All that is explained in a short two page intro piece. But unlike many others that would take up the two pages in solid text, this one really doesn’t have much written. But it all gets explained. Excellant job with the introduction, it gives you all you need to know.

Templeton does a great job with a large cast, most of whom we only get introduced to real quick. Just names. But there’s enough to really get a feel for them at the most basic. The main character is Johnny Canuck, the world’s top scientist. Think of Doc Savage but with a kid’s excitement as well as being a hot head.

The governments of the US and Canada have been finding those with powers and organizing them into a team to help protect the world, which is now divided into the Light Side and the Dark Side.

It’s definately an interesting concept. The characters are a strange lot. What seemed an error by the letterer, a character saying something, made perfect sense a couple panels later and was a really nice touch by Templeton. I’m eager to learn more about the cast as so far the few that got alot of face time are very interesting.

Who doesn’t want to read about a northern goddess, the Big Woman of the Northern Wind, that is summoned by the Eskimo art of throat singing?

Bits of the book are a tad cliche, but the script is very strong overall. A couple of “ugh” moments, but quickly forgotten by the rest of it. Canuck might be a tad overdone though. He’s pretty bombastic and that could get annoying after a couple more issues.

Cutler’s art is strong. He’s got a decent sense of storytelling. His style reminds me a bit of Marcus To, the penciler on Red Robin, but not quite. Cutler’s is a bit softer, looking more like a cartoon.

The last page is pretty weak though, compared to the rest of the book, which was disappointing.

The Northern Guard #1 receives
4 out of 5

A good debut issue and seems like it will be a fun book.

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