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Witchblade Annual #2
Published on Friday, December 17, 2010 by

The second Witchblade Annual is divided into three stories and a cover gallery section in this over sized $4.99 package.
“Stalingrad” is the first story.
Written Ron Marz
Pencils & Inks Tony Shasteen
Colors Jo Mettler
Letters Troy Peteri

“Interlude” is the second vignette
Written Ron Marz
Pencils Matt Haley
Inks Jason Gorder
Colors Michael Atiyeh
Letters Troy Peteri

“Devil’s Due” written and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith

The pin up gallery features the Top Cow universe as imagined by Indian artists.

The first ever Witchblade annual, by Jay Faerber, featured a story about the mystic jewelry wielding police officer and her boyfriend taking a romantic trip only to get wrapped up in a small town kidnapping case with a supernatural twist. It was a fun read that featured the tough cop coming off of the battle of the Witchblades which had reunited the ornament. It focused on letting Sara Pezzini get back to being the Witchblade that fans knew: tough, morally directed, and quick to act.

The second Witchblade Annual is different because the majority of the Witchblade bearing is not Pezzini. The first story has Pezzini trying to relax in a roof top garden. She is met by an elderly woman in a wheel chair who touches the Witchblade and creates a flashback to bearing the balance during WWII. This is the story that relates to the A cover with its communist overtones.

The Interlude is a quick vignette that ties into the first story. Again Pezzini glimpses Witchblade bearer of the past: Joan of Arc.

The third story is different than the normal Witchblade comic because Matthew Dow Smith illustrates a prose tale. The prose tale is similar to the GI Joe Cobra Special 2 prose tale.

Overall a fun read for long time fans. This is not a good jumping on point for new readers. Although if you have a Top Cow or Witchblade fan on your Christmas shopping list, this would be a nice stocking stuffer. If you’re on a tighter December comic budget, this issue could be skipped because it does not appear to be moving the main Witchblade story forward in the same manner as the regular title or the Artifacts and Broken Trinity limited series.

Personally I’m not a fan of prose pieces in my comics. I’m fairly snobby about it. This prose piece is illustrated like a teenage chapter book with illustrations balancing the prose on the page.

The Indian pin up gallery does show case some great talent. It is reminiscent of the Virgin Comics/Top Cow Comics Devi-Witchblade two part cross over from 2008.

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