The GeeksverseIDW’s Suicide Forest #1 (of 4)

IDW’s Suicide Forest #1 (of 4)
Published on Saturday, December 18, 2010 by

A lonely park wood is the perfect spot for a suicide. The only problem is that the lonely souls don’t always know to stay put. Suicide Forest #1 establishes the legend of the beautiful Japanese wilderness that is the most famous suicide spot in the entire world.

The suicide woods are so problematic that signs are placed to ask people not to kill themselves. The workers are also responsible for cleaning up found bodies. One of the workers seems to know more about the spirits than the rest.

The premiere issue also introduces an American ex-patriot living and loving Japan, Alan, an average foreign worker who ends his unhealthy relationships with Masami. Masami is a woman that distraught heads toward the woods. The comic does a nice job of mirroring Alan’s evening after breaking up with Masami, with Masami’s last trip to the forest. The page mirroring is nice.

Issues 2-4 will have to pick up with the secrets of this ancient forest and the dark spirits that it holds. Alan and Masami are sure to make a return. Otherwise to find out what will happen, we’ll have to wait and read the next installment in this sparse horror story. Issue 1 sets up a deliberate well executed horror set up with just enough lore and mystery to make the reader want to come back to find the reveal.

This is another horror series from the creators of The Veil: El Torres writer and Gabriel Hernandez art and cover.

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