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Joe Hill’s The Cape Advanced Review
Published on Monday, December 20, 2010 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Based on the Short Story “The Cape” by Joe Hill
Written by: Jason Ciarmella
Art by: Zach Howard
Colored by: Nelson Daniel
Lettered by: Robbin Robbins
Edited by: Chris Ryall
Covers: A, B- Zach Howard; C- Gabriel Rodriguez

A very interesting little tale. This story acts like a zero issue since the end promises more Cape in 2011. This is not to be confused with the ABC show of the same name.

It opens with two brothers playing super hero, back in the 80s. One of them, wearing a blue blanket being used as a cape, is chased up a tree. The branch he’s on collapses and he lands and splits his skull open. His mother says she throws the cape away. Ten years later the man, Eric, is a loser. He’s in a dead end job as pizza delivery boy, he’s not even finishing high school, he has no idea what he wants to do. He meets a girl, named Angie, and she falls in love with him. She graduates high school and goes on to college, and he stays at home playing on the computer and Nintendo. They fight and break up and he’s forced to move into his mother’s basement.

Well there he finds his old cape, wraps himself in it to keep warm, and next thing he knows he’s flying.

The ending is a total twist and a shock that caught me by surprise. Extremely well done. It wasn’t telegraphed at all, but now that you know the ending you can look back and see little bits here and there that led to it.

It serves as a zero issue, as it’s the origin of Eric and his cape, leaving it open for more stories to come. And they promise to be very interesting stories.

Definately worth picking up.

Howard’s art was great. He reminds me of Sean Murphy, from Vertigo’s Joe The Barbarian, but not quite. He’s got alot of Chris Bachalo to his work, but without Bachalo’s craziness. His style definately helps make the story what it is. There’s a grittiness to it which is helped by Daniel’s colors. I liked the effect that Daniel gave the work, with the coloring and the dot pattern.

The Cape receives
4.5 out of 5

Enjoyable, with a shocking ending.

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