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Chaos War: Thor – We Read It So You Don’t Have To
Published on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 by

The second part of Thor’s Chaos War spin-off and his final battle with the Alien-God Glory.

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: J.M. Dematteis
Penciled by: Brian Ching
Inked by: Rick Ketchum
Colored by: Rob Schwager
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Asst. Editor: Jordan D. White
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards

Part two opens with Becca and the mystery man on the run from Glory. Glory recognizes the man, but is unsure, and has been reduced to a shell of it’s former self.

Together they run from Glory but become trapped when the mystery man, who we find out is Donald Blake, falls and can’t get up. Becca grabs onto his walking stick, instinctively, and a blast of energy is unleashed sending Glory away.

Neither knows what happened and so they run into a cave, seeking shelter. Glory remembers that Blake is Thor and calls the Thunder God out. Blake doesn’t want to summon Thor because it feels like he loses himself and he doesn’t want to lose himself. Becca convinces him that he needs to. She tells him that maybe underneath the “nothing” that he fears is everything, a power that connects them all together.

Blake slams his cane on the ground and nothing happens. He reachs for Becca’s hand and together they become Thor.

When Thor had battled Glory he had destroyed the body of the alien god but so had his body been destroyed. It was Becca, praying to Thor, that had summoned the hurt God to Earth and it was her faith that allowed him to be resurrected.

Together they battle Glory but to no avail. The alien god is too powerful and keeps getting renergized by the Chaos King. Glory tries absorb Thor who fights back. Becca and Donald Blake convince Thor to let Glory absorb him, to take a leap of faith that everything will be alright.

Thor does so and Glory is defeated, running back to it’s master, the Chaos King.

It was the power of Becca and Donald Blake’s prayer that defeated Glory and Becca’s faith that allowed Thor to be resurrected. Thor leaves to continue the fight with the Chaos King.

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