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X-Men #6
Published on Thursday, December 23, 2010 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Victor Gischler
Penciled by: Paco Medina
Inked by: Juan Vlasco
Colored by: Marte Gracia
Lettered by: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Assistant Editor: Jake Thomas
Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Executive Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover: Adi Granov

All that build up, all that hype, for “Curse of the Mutants” and what did we get? Nothing. Everything is right back where it was before except that Jubilee is now a vampire.

All that build up to the resurrection of Dracula and he takes out Xarus quickly, backs down to Cyclops and then just goes off to reorganize the vampires…. again…

All that build up to the attack on Utopia and turning Logan into a vampire and it amounts to nothing.

If Cyclops is this bad-ass a tactician and general, he should be running the Marvel Universe because he made all this look easy. Too easy. There wasn’t a single moment where actually thought the Mutants were in trouble. Even the trojan Wolverine wasn’t a big shock or surprise, could see it coming a mile away.

Why did Cyclops resurrect Dracula? That part makes absolutely no sense. It wasn’t like the X-Men needed Dracula’s help. It’s not like Dracula is going to feel indebted to Cyclops. And if Cyclops did do something to Dracula, the head vamp now knows it and can plan for it in the future. And now Cyclops gives the vampires a dangerous leader back and one that can see the benefits of organizing into a larger vampire nation. Great job there Cyclops.

What was the point?

Issue 5 Cyclops only allows the “hard shell” mutants to fight in the attack. This is so they can’t be bitten. Yet when they go and invade the vampire stronghold, which is underground and closer quarters, he doesn’t bring the “hard shell” mutants and brings many along that could potentially be bitten. What? For all the good planning Cyclops does in this arc, he’s got some moments of really bad planning.

What was the point of this arc? I can’t see it. Jubilee goes along quietly. She was completely and totally on Xarus’ side and they are to believe that with him dead she’s going to be okay? She had no desire to fight the darkness inside her with Xarus alive, she’s going to want to do it with him dead?


Just badly thought out issue and “event”. Horrible. Hopefully the next arc can help give this book a reason to exist because this first one was just bad.

I still don’t understand what the whole point of making this new look for Dracula was. And I wish they would have spent at least a caption explaining why he doesn’t look like we’re used to seeing him and how he was resurrected after Captain Britain and MI-13 killed him. Also, what happened to Dracula’s other son? I can’t even remember his name he was that important to the arc.

At least the art by Medina was excellant. Too bad he’s not staying on the book, but Bachalo will be good to look at as well.

X-Men #6 receives
1 out of 5

Just a waste.

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