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Wonder Woman #605
Published on Saturday, January 1, 2011 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: J. Michael Stracynski & Phil Hester
Penciled by: Don Kramer, Eduardo Pansica & Daniel Hdr
Inked by: Jay Leisten, Marl Alquiza, Wayne Faucher & Ever Ferreira
Colored by: Alex Sinclair
Lettered by: Travis Lanham
Assoc. Editor: Sean Ryan
Editor: Brian Cunningham
Covers: A- Kramer w/ Sinclair; B- Alex Garner

Hester comes on board as co-writer with JMS stepping aside, leaving mid-storyline, to concentrate on graphic novels.

The opening of this issue makes it seem like alot of time has passed between the last issue and this. But in conversation we learn that not much time has passed at all. Which is kind of odd, as not much of last issue’s events were mentioned.

Diana returns home to where the Amazons live in the city, but what happened to the ones that she had led to safety last issue? And the Amazons at home already know that she fought the burning man. How?

This issue does do a good job of filling in how the Amazons live and what Diana’s life is like when she’s not “wonder womaning”. Except it doesn’t seem to line up with what was shown in the first issues of this new take on Wonder Woman.

And Wonder Woman herself seems different. Hester brings a nice quality to her as she sounds and acts like a teenager. Which is fairly jarring as it’s not how she talked or acted prior to this issue.

We finally get a look at the powers behind what is going on, the enemies, which is the War Goddesses The Morrigan. Why they are hunting the Amazons we don’t learn, but this issue spends alot of time on them. Which again feels odd when compared to the rest of the JMS run, as there had been not a single mention of the Morrigan prior to this. But now we see them in action, talking as the big bads behind it all, and the discovery of a temple where people were sacrificed to them.

This issue isn’t bad. I enjoyed the new personality of Wonder Woman. But it just feels different from the prior issues. And thats just a weird feeling to have happen mid-storyline. Hester has a lighter tone then JMS had.

This issue has three pencilers and they are all blend together. It’s hard to tell which pages were done by one and which by the others. I really enjoyed Kramer’s work when he came on the book and it’s kind of sad to see that he can’t maintain a monthly schedule without help. All three do good work.

Wonder Woman #605 receives
3.5 out of 5

Good but it gets points down because it reads so differently for being mid-storyline.

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