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The Guild: Vork One Shot
Published on Sunday, January 2, 2011 by

Felicia Day has returned to the comic pages. This time she is doing a string of one shots based on her internet show, The Guild. As both actress and creative force, Felicia Day has been entertaining audiences with the comic stylings of gamers for several years. Last year she changed media and presented The Guild’s origin story as a comic book, illustrated by Jimm Rugg. That series is already available as a Guild Trade Paperback.

This comic should work if you’ve read the last mini seres, which is no conveniently available in the Guild Trade Paperback,or not.

This comic works even if you haven’t followed the characters, because it tells a complete story.

Obviously these were intended to work together with the other comics and the online episodes to enrich The Guild experience, and it succeeds there as well.

In complete honesty, the art looks great, but I miss Rugg’s take on the characters. While the out of game characters look great, the in-game representation looked better with Rugg’s satirical art style. That being said, this is still a beautiful work.

This one shot follows the character of Vork, a neurotic gamer who can be a bit pushy, and explores his internal motivations, why he seeks refuge in the gaming platform, and more importantly why others put up with him. As with the earlier Guild stories, the psychological rationale makes sense. Of course it does all of its internal delving set in two worlds, one filled with on-line barbarism, and the other filled with lechery, theft, booze, and porn.

The coloring in this book is excellent. The tones shift between in game and out of game. The emphasis of bright colors help to subtly and suitably place emphasis on their in game experience.

Overall, this is another fine comic which upgrades the Guild experience. If you’re a Guild fan you should plug into this comic. After enjoying this one, I am now waiting on the next one shot to explore another character from the Knights of Good.

Story by Felicia Day and Jeff Lewis
Art by Darick Robertson and Richard Lark
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover by Darick Robertson and Dave Stewart

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