The GeeksverseAdvanced Review: Sky Pirates of Valendor

Advanced Review: Sky Pirates of Valendor
Published on Monday, January 3, 2011 by

Sky Pirates of Valendor will be available Jan 14, 2011 from Jolly Roger Studios. Sky Pirates is the flagship of the studio in 2007.

Having spent the previous 5 months engrossed in an intense competition for comic book creators, Soares finished Small Press Idol in 2nd place, just a few votes shy of a 4-issue contract with Dimestore Productions. Where would Soares take the series now? The answer to that question was in the team up that resulted in Jolly Roger Studios in 2007.

Soares writer
Brian Brinlee as penciler,
Michael W. Kellar as inker
Jet Amago as toner

The next part of the story begins inVolume 2, available on Jan 14, 2011.Sky Pirates of Valendor, an ongoing fantasy comic book series, recounts the adventures of Captain Tobin Manheim and the crew of the Rogue’s Revenge in the shattered world of Valendor. Riddled with political intrigue, death warrants and high adventure, Sky Pirates of Valendor appeals to fans of multiple genres and mediums. For more information on Sky Pirates of Valendor or its creative team, visit their website at

The current creative lineup:
Everett Soares Creator & Writer
Brian Brinlee pencils
Alex Rivera inks
Jet Amago tones
Steve Kuster letterer
Amy Haley & Elizabeth Tramonti editorial team
Keith J. Murphey art direction

The black and white comic is drawn consistently. The lettering and shading help provide a coherent package, following the action adventure out of the rainy streets, through some memories, and onto an adventure.

Pointy ears, tails, and bloody assassination for 32 pages of kicking off the series. Even without having read the previous Sky Pirates, this work is accessible and easy to follow. Somewhere amid the talking bears and giant robots this series has the potential to feel convoluted, but holds together as the beginning of an adventure in a complex world system.

Sky Pirates of Valendor kicks off the six part miniseries against the Elven Empire and is a fun small press read. The digital release will occur on Additionally, mobile device users will be able to download upcoming issues of Sky Pirates of Valendor very soon.

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