The GeeksverseBilly The Kid’s Old Timey Oddities And The Ghastly Fiend of London #4

Billy The Kid’s Old Timey Oddities And The Ghastly Fiend of London #4
Published on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 by

Published by: Dark Horse Comics
Written by: Erik Powell
Art by: Kyle Hotz
Colored by: Dan Brown
Lettered by: Blambot’s Nate Piekos
Assistant Editor: Brendan Wright
Editor Scott Allie
Covers: A- Erik Powell w/ Dave Stewart; B- Kyle Hotz w/ Dave Stewart

Powell ends this mini-series on a high note. This has been a good little series and the end is dynamite. There’s a couple of surprises that we don’t see coming. The direction we thought it was heading isn’t where it ends up.

From the very first page to the end, this book keeps the pace moving. We see the answers revealed as the Oddities uncover them. Once revealed, we can look back and see where all the clues were laid.

There’s a couple gruesome moments in this book. And one moment you wish hadn’t happened because the character just did not deserve it’s fate.

This series has been well-written from the start and this issue is no exception. The way Billy the Kid handles it is how we all wanted it to be. Powell does a great job of setting the mood and creating characters that we will love and that we will loath.

Powell also spends some time in this issue setting up the next adventure for the Oddities, but it doesn’t feel like it’s shoehorned in. The set-up is natural, working easily into this issue’s story. I can’t wait for the next mini-series.

Hotz art perfectly fits the tone of the story. I’m not a big Hotz fan, but I enjoyed it in this title. His style gives the Oddities life and depth. Even the ugly ones have a certain beauty to them when he draws them. And he’s good at the horror scenes as well. The splash page of how the Ripper left Joseph is horrible. But he doesn’t go overboard. It’s just enough to invoke the emotion, but not enough to send it into the realm of gore.

Billy The Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London receives
4.5 out of 5

Excellant ending to what has been a surprisingly good mini-series.

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