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Earp: Saints and Sinners #1
Published on Thursday, January 6, 2011 by

Published by: Radical Comics
Written by: Matt Cirulnick & M. Zachary Sherman
Illustrated by: Mark Chater, Martin Montiel & Colin Lorimer
Layouts by: Joe Benitez, Rod Pereira & J.K. Woodward
Colored by: Kyushik Shin
Lettered by: Rus Wooten
Editor: Renae Geerlings
Cover: Alex Maleev

Part of this issue was printed in the zero issue reviewed back in August.

The rest of the comic feels like the zero issue/preview did. The world and the setting is interesting. It’s a futuristic wild west with alot of familiar names in similar roles. The premise is intriguing, definately grabbing my interest.

The story jumps from past to present, moving around in the past. It also reads like chapters. Each of the main characters (Morgan, Wyatt and Doc Holliday) gets their own chapters, starting in the present and then going back in the past to various times to help fill in the story of how things got to where they are today. It’s a disjointed way of telling the tale, as they all come together near the end. It also makes it hard to tell when each part of the story is going, as it jumps all over the place.

There are parts that are hard to follow. The part where Wyatt meets the Mayor and there’s something about a girl, it was hard to understand and follow what was happening. First the girl is on the blimp and then there’s something about a girl in the crowd (but she was never shown) and we’re to assume that it’s the same girl in Wyatts place, who doesn’t get named until near the end. That’s not the only part, but it’s the one that stood out the most.

The jumping around in time created an impression that the opening of the A-Ok was awhile ago in the past, but during the fight at the end it’s shown to still have boarded up doors. It’s disjointed.

The art doesn’t help as it’s hard to tell characters apart. Doc Holliday is the only one that stands out. Only when the panels are pulled back far enough to show what the characters are wearing are they easily distingushable from eachother.

The style itself is fine. It’s kind of crowded, with lots going on in each panel. It’s almost overwhelmingly crowded. But it looks good. For the most part. The characters, vehicles and buildings are well done. It’s just the layouts and action start getting muddled.

Earp: Saints and Sinners #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

Interesting idea, decent execution.

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