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Ryder On The Storm #2
Published on Friday, January 7, 2011 by


Hine uses this issue to good effect, moving the story along and providing more depth to the world and the story. We get the history of Ryder, his brother and the Daemons and how they ruled the world. We learn more about Monk and a little bit about Katrina. What we learn of her leaves us with more questions.

It’ll be interesting to see what is really up with her.

I have a theory and I wonder if I’ll be right.

The history revealed is good, making the entire story deeper and richer. The deepening of the relationship between Ryder does two things, adding characterization to Ryder as well has revealing more of what it means to be a Daemon, as well as giving us some mystery about Katrina.

The writing is good when you can fill in the blanks that the writer leaves out. When Monk goes “I know what you are”, you naturally fill in “I don’t know what she is”. It’s a mark of a good story and good writing when story aspects don’t even need to be written.

The story falters a bit when Ryder just goes along with the other Daemons and doesn’t put up any resistance to Rebecca Danton. It’s not even a good seduction attempt by her, all she does is take off her clothes. Some more narration by Ryder giving a little bit of protest would have been nice.

The last panel is a shocker, and a neat twist. I saw something like it coming, but not quite how this one turned out.

The art on this was as good as the first issue. Interesting looking characters, each unique from the other. Nicely detailed backgrounds. I do have to give props to the colorist. The first page was top notch. The coloriest did a great job distingushing between the brand new hand and the older arm. Showing the new hand lighter, not as dark, like it hasn’t seen sun before, was a nice touch.

Ryder On The Storm #2 receives
4 out of 5

The story falters a bit at the end but overall is very solid.

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