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Vampirella #2
Published on Saturday, January 8, 2011 by

Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
Written by: Eric Trautman
Illustrated by: Wagner Reis w/ Fabniano Neves
Lettered by: Marshall Dillon
Colored by: Insight Studio
Editor: Joseph Rybandt
Covers: A- Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic; B- Joe Jusko; C- Paul Renaud; D- Lucio Parrillo

The second issue starts off where the first ended, with Le Fanu about to attack Vampy with the tentacles. The tentacles send Vampirella into a kind of dream world.

I like the way this is starting off. It’s like Dynamite is trying to cut ties with previous incarnations of Vampirella but at the same time keeping them. This issue goes a long ways in giving seperation. Between Vampirella’s dream sequance fighting her bathing suit clad self on Draculon and Trautmann having Vampy explain that she laid low for awhile and got new training and new weapons, this gives the book a relaunch/reboot feel but still maintains the ties to the past stories.

That’s an excellant way to do a book like this.

Trautmann’s story is pretty good, mostly being an extended fight scene between Vampy, La Fanu and some other vamps. It does allow us to see how Vampy has adopted new methods and new ways of killing vamps, giving her some surprises they weren’t expecting. I loved how Trautmann paid attention to the other side of having superhuman strength, the ability to inadvertantly cause structural damage to the buildings. Having Vampy realize the fight weakened the building and worry about getting the civilians out was a nice touch.

For the most part it’s a fairly strong script, but there’s a couple parts that aren’t as strong as the rest. Having Vampy hanging upside down and then she pulls off her coat to reveal some stakes on her belt was a bit weird. Wouldn’t her long coat have fallen down to reveal the stakes well she was upside down? And when she was knocked unconscious, wouldn’t they have searched her or at least felt the stakes when they moved her to hang her upside down?

Aside from a couple minor plot issues, the rest of the story was solid making this a very good second issue.

The art was somewhat inconsistent though. Reis’ strong pages, which remind me of Butch Guice, were good but there were some here and there that were considerably weaker in the linework, detailing and layout. Some of the pages looked muddled and overcrowded. The Draculon pages were especially weaker compared to the rest of the work.

I like that they aren’t having Vampy in the traditional outfit. It helps seperate the new version from the older but also makes her a stronger female character not having to parade around in a bathing suit. Here’s hoping they give her a new costume or just keep her in civilian clothes. I do wish they’d stop with the bathing suit on the covers though.

Vampirella #2 receives
4 out of 5

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Very strong second issue.

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